ASP.NET MVC web application with Entity Framework – Introducing

In the following tutorial I will show you how to easily create an ASP.NET MVC Web Application with SQL usage through Entity Framework. This tutorial is mainly for newbies, beginner developers.

The frontend uses HTML, CSS (and BootStrap) with Razor syntax.

The backend is C#, of course. The database is MS SQL Express that you can install and use free.

We will create a simple DVD inventory application where you can manage your DVDs/Blu-rays, setting up a complete movie database for the inventory. The final web application will look like something like this (with responsive menu bar, thanks to BootStrap 4):

Mobile view:

You will have to create some categories for the movies. As long as the attribute of a category is visible, you’ll be able to choose it for your movie, when you registering a new one:

The same logic for the formats: this table is in relation with Inventory table, so when you add a movie to your inventory, you can choose whcih format do you have that movie:

There’s a page for administering the movies. You can add new, edit an existing, view details or even delete them:

Add the movies to your inventory by selecting the format:

And look through your inventory:

Using MVC and N-Tier architecture it is really easy to implement more functions without touching the frontend part. You can also extend the SQL database with further tables, you have to only modify the Data Transfer Object, while other developers only modify the Business Logic part, and so on. A well designed and maintained MVC project will save time and money for both developers and clients.

If you’re interedted some more function in this application, do not hesitate to write me and I’ll do it for you and publish it here.