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Binding to enums

A swedish guy had a task to complete: he had 2 listboxes containing mammals and birds in one of the and some kind of mammals and birds in the other. Yes, we should show only relevant results in the second

Delegates and Events – Part 1.

This topic is quite interesting for beginners too. You can often face the usage of delegates and of course: events. Delegates If you want to execute an action but you don’t know which method or object you’ll want to call

Blackjack game – Part 3.

In part 1 we created our Card class, in part 2 we created our Deck and Hand class. Now in this final part let’s create our form using all the classes we’ve done before. Create a new form with the

Blackjack game – Part 2.

Welcome back! The previous part has the class for the card, in this part we create the class for the deck. The deck contains the cards, 1 from each. Of course we have to shuffle the deck before every new