Delegates and Events – Part 1.

This topic is quite interesting for beginners too. You can often face the usage of delegates and of course: events. Delegates If you want to execute an action but you don’t know which method or object you’ll want to call

Blackjack game – Part 3.

In part 1 we created our Card class, in part 2 we created our Deck and Hand class. Now in this final part let’s create our form using all the classes we’ve done before. Create a new form with the

Blackjack game – Part 2.

Welcome back! The previous part has the class for the card, in this part we create the class for the deck. The deck contains the cards, 1 from each. Of course we have to shuffle the deck before every new

Blackjack game – Part 1.

The following tutorial is only some kind of “thought provoking” one: shows you some logic and class structure using enums and dynamically created images with Winform application. Maybe I skipped some of the official rules. If so, I’m sorry I’m

Writing your first Windows Service

What is Windows Service and what is it for? It is a computer program that operates in the background without any user interaction and user interface. After Windows XP there are several methods in Windows that protects itself from unwanted